Air-Flo, Adhesive Fume filtration

What is Air-Flo?

Air-Flo is the latest development in our attempt to give the shoe repairer the option of a healthier working environment, at minimal additional cost.  It is a device fitted within one of our benches or pressbenches which helps remove adhesive fumes from the working area.

Why should I be interested in Air-Flo?

From a purely selfish point of view, Air-Flo should be of great interest to shoe repairers as it will make the air that you and your customers breathe more pleasant!

It is also important to consider the impact of increased HSE inspections of shoe repair shops.  Environmental Health Officers may take a dim view of premises where the owner / operator is not doing all he can to keep airborne vapours to a minimum.  Old style, solid gluing benches with no filtration, may well soon be going the way of exposed drive belts and unguarded cutters!

How Air-Flo Works

The fumes caused by adhesives have very little natural buoyancy.  They are heavier than air and want to sink to the ground.  Conventional thinking about extraction and filtration have lent towards wall or high mounted expulsion units.  With this system the glue fumes would be dragged from their natural downward course and past the operator’s face.

This makes no sense at all when the alternative is to use gravity to allow the fumes to fall away from the operator, and the Air-Flo unit to filter them and return clean air to the environment.

It is so much more efficient and safer to “go with the flow” and allow the fumes to go where they want to go – downwards, with a little assistance along the way.  We believe this to be the most compact, cost effective system available worldwide.

The Air-Flo Workstations

The Standard range of Air-Flo Press benches and work stations have been designed to further assist the health of the repairer and his customers.  The devices incorporate a quiet, discrete filter specially designed to remove the heavy vapours from the adhesive application area.  This heavy, fume-filled air is drawn through a filter system, and clean air is returned into the atmosphere.

These units are the perfect accompanying machine to our range of finishing machines, designed as they are to create a cohesive repair unit.

Flow rate 90m 3/hr
Rated output 60w
Electronics 230v 1-phase 50Hz
Full Load Current 0.9amps
Noise Level 54dBA
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