Mini Hica Flash Activator

Small Flash Activator,  built for repair applications.  The device is fitted with a 20-second  timed boost facility for measured heat activation. 

Our latest model is also fitted with an energy saving timed auto switch off after 10 minutes - how many times have you forgotten the activator is switched on all day?  Dare you think how much money you have wasted over the years?

By the way, in case you've heard the expression "hica" for years without actually knowing what it means, it standard for High Intensity Cement Activator.  So, now you know!


Range of timing – 0-20 seconds

Wattage in “On” position – 500W

Wattage in “Flash” position – 1KW

Auto shut off after 10 minutes

Flash mode up to 20 seconds

External dimensions - 305mm W x 310mm D x 335mm H

Opening - 270mm W x 140mm H.  230 Volts

Weight – 10 kilos

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