New Micro Finisher and Micro Unit

The solution to your space problems. Our revolutionary Micro Finisher is the small finisher with the big finisher features. It has sole and heel trimmers, bayonet fitting naumkeag, wide scouring band, powerful internal extraction and mops and brushes. All from a machine that is only 85cm wide!



Available in either 1 or 3 phase

Regular Specifications: -

Mini Abrasive roll instead of heel cutter

Machine to include 3 bayonet fitting cutter holders 3mm, 8mm cutters and shields and groover

Naumkeag and breaster on interchangeable bayonet fittings

1500 x 75mm scouring band

Manual turret to brush and pad section incorporating 2 sets of brush & pad (or mop) and 1 brush and 1 fine scouring roll

Integral exhaust fan and filter unit. 

Stove dried Hammer paint finish

Dimensions 850mm W x 795mm D x 1720mm H.  285 Kilos

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