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700 unit

Since we started offering secondhand equipment via the "Machinery Available for Immediate Delivery" section of our website we have been pleasantly surprised by the large amount of traffic we have encouraged and the sales achieved.  A quick glance at this page will show how quickly stock turns around.  Equipment is listed on Monday, can be "Under Offer" by Tuesday and sometimes "Sold" and delivered a few days later.

Such has been the success of this page that we have needed to show equipment on there which, strictly speaking, isn't 100% ready for immediate delivery without further work.  But, frankly, we'd soon run out of machinery to list if we didn't, on occasion, "bend" the definition slightly to include finishers and stitchers that are "pretty much" available for immediate delivery......just as soon as we get the chance to refurbish them!!!"

So, if you are looking for something either reconditioned or secondhand that you don't see on our "Machinery Available for Immediate Delivery" give us a call anyway.  You never know.  We may just have been about to feature the very machine you were looking for!


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